What are the rules?

We accept up to 5 piece band. Everything is recorded live as you perform in a live show, no overdubs or edits between takes. (however we can do couple punch-ins if you make some minor mistakes)  Also please be at the location on time because we have artists back-to-back so we need setup time before the next artist arrives. 


How do you record the videos?

We are filming the events with 3x Canon High Definition cameras (C100mkii, 5Dmkiii) and an extra GOPRO camera if needed. The audio is multi-tracked to Pro-Tools which will be mixed down to a stereo track.


What kind of backline you are providing?

For events at Riro Muzik we provide: Canopus drum kit (you can bring your cymbals and snare), Fender Rhodes, Korg Kronos Keyboard, Guitar Amps, Microphones, DI Boxes; Optional: Steinway B Grand Piano(+$40), Hammond Organ(+$40). For events in other locations you can check out the details in the event booking page.


 Can I participate the post-production process?

Basically we will take care the video editing and audio mixing. If you want modifications on the video/audio please let us know and we can be booked by hours for mixing or editing session with a separate fee.


When can I expect to get the final product?

The turnaround time of the edited video is around 2 weeks after the event.